A Contractor’s Pollution Liability insurance policy covers environmental liabilities excluded by standard General Liability insurance. This coverage helps protect contractors against pollution incidents, such as contaminated soil disposal, accidental release of fuel oil, chemicals/toxic gases from broken pipelines, utilities, and stationary and mobile fuel tanks.


    The Commercial PLL insuring agreements provide coverage for clean-up costs resulting from the discovery of pollution conditions on sites owned or operated by the insured at inception date or added to the policy, as well as third-party claims for bodily injury, property damage or clean-up costs that result from pollution conditions for which the insured is legally obligated

    Coverage tailored to a broad range of target classes including but not limited to higher education institutions, municipalities and healthcare facilities

    No retroactive date, except for waste disposal activities

    Emergency response costs included in the coverage

    Coverage provided for legal liability resulting from pollution conditions with no site scheduling required

    Access to our many value-added tools and programs including PIER, our Pollution Incident, and Environmental Response program

    Options for expanded coverage for the microbial matter, Legionella pneumophila, clean-up costs for viruses and bacteria, CrisisResponse® and crisis management

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