FL-Business Insurance.com is an insurance broker that specializes in Workers Compensation. We have the ability to craft a unique policy that covers all your Workers Comp Insurance needs.

    We offer Florida Workers Compensation Insurance coverage custom built to your business size and scope whether a small local business or a large multi-state corporation. We take care of the insurance coverage so you can concentrate on meeting the needs of your customers and employees. Whether you are a transportation company, manufacturer, restaurant, general contractor, plumber, or electrician, you are required to have the right Florida Workers Comp Insurance to keep you compliant with the state and protect your employees.

    We know that every business is different and has different insurance needs. Our agents work closely with you to design a comprehensive program that settles that state Workers Comp requirements and helps to keep you within budget. Our experienced agents will help you to navigate the complex maze of Workers Comp Insurance by answering every question and concern you may have.

    Put our experienced team to work for you. We identify your risks and exposures and provide the best solutions to address them.


    In the state of Florida, if your construction company has 1 or more employees, your company is required to have Florida Workers Compensation Insurance. In the construction industry, there are few exceptions to the above rule. Contact a licensed Florida insurance agent to see who is excluded from having Workers Comp.

    If your company operates in an industry that is not construction, you are required to have Workers Comp if your company has 4 or more employees.



    Workers Compensation benefits include payment of all necessary medical bills. This will include all visits to the doctor, surgery, hospital care, prescriptions, and all the medical supplies needed. The injured employee is also entitled to receive reimbursement for time and travel to medical visits.

    Along with medical benefits Florida Workers Compensation Insurance coverage the injured employee is about to receive wage benefits. The employee can get a portion of their weekly wages, around 2/3s of the weekly average for the past year. Workers cannot receive wage benefits for the first 7 days they are away from work unless they are out of work for more than 14 days.

    In the event there is a death caused by the accident at work, the employees’ dependents are eligible to receive the benefits for the determined length of time.

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